Hiboy HC-01 Hoverboard Kart Seat Attachment Accessory for 6.5″ 8″ 10″ Two Wheel Self Balancing Scooter Sports & Outdoors



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Young And Fun – Turn your hover board into a fascinating Hiboy Go-Kart. Suitable for 6. 5, 8, 10 inch self balancing scooters. (Hover board Not Included)seat.(Hover board Not Included) Solid And Easy To Install

– Benefited from upgraded materials, the kart kit is solid, reliable and durable up to 270lbs max. weight. Almost fully assembly and modular design allow you to install within 15mins. Smooth And Controllable

– Smooth power performance and enhanced steering, let you control every movement with ease and safe, even for 4 years old. Adjustable And Comfortable

– Adjustable leg pedals lengths can suit rider from 4 years

– 65 years old. Ergonomic seats are both reliability and comfort.

About Us

Previously, we are used to exploring the world with our feet since we learn to walk.

Now, let’s explore the world in a different way.

In Hiboy’s way.

At Hiboy, we aims to create more diversified and efficient short-distance trip mode, Let more people enjoy the fun of technology.

Hiboy Hoverboard Kart HC-01

Hi Boy Have Fun

Turn your hoverboard into a fantastic go-kart with the Hiboy HC-01 hoverboard seat attachment.Not only bring you a unique driving experience, but also offer riders far more control and less injury risk than riding a hoverboard, which is much safer for kids.

Adjustable leg pedals lengths can suit rider from kid to adult. Lightly built but robust, they are agile and fast, Accelerate, brake and turn with full confidence.

  1. Suitable for 6.5, 8,10 inch hoverboard (Not Included)
  2. Adjustable leg pedals lengths
  3. Lightly built but robust
  4. Full control
  5. Easy to install
  6. Maximum payload of 270 lbs
  7. NOT Fit for those hoverboards: Swagtron T6, Mega wheel TW01S-1 and Hover-1 Beast 10inch wheel. Since there is a handle on the middle of those hoverboards, it can not fit untill the handle removed.




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Black, Black with upgraded seat, Blue with upgraded seat, Pink with upgraded seat, Yellow

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10 Reviews For This Product

  1. 10

    by LyndseyLyndsey

    If you are terrified to stand on your hover board because you’ve watched so many YouTube videos of people falling and breaking their bones…this is the attachment for you! My hover board has been sitting in the spare room for months and I wanted something that would allow me to use it without being fearful of falling and hurting myself. My only complaint is that part of the kart was bolted together wrong (see picture) so I had to loosen the bolts but they were on so tight it took me awhile to fix their error. Once it was together, my 8 year old son was racing all over the house! I am so happy that I got this attachment, now we can put our hover board to good use!

  2. 10

    by StevenSteven

    This hoverboard rack is sooo wonderful. When I got my hoverboard, I was so scared to stand on it and drove it very very carefully. I was so nervous when playing with it and felt my feet painful after playing. So, most time, I just put it aside. But now, I found this to turn my hoverboard to a kart! I am so excited and accembeld it just when it arrived. Finally, I do not have to stand on it. My hoverboard is 8” wheel and this rack fits it very well. If I have to say something about the disadvantages of it, I will say that the seat is a little small for me. Maybe I am too big. Overall, I am very satisfied with the rack. But you should be cafeful, you need to learn how to control it and try not to drive very fast. My hoverboard has great power and if I push it too hard, it will run very very fast. I still feel it is a little dangerous. So I have to set the speed limitation of it.Be Careful and Enjoy!!!!

  3. 10

    by Courtney StoddardCourtney Stoddard

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     I chose this brand specifically because of the better reviews, which I have no bad problems with it.. however I do have some complaints. The velcro straps that hold the go-kart onto the hoverboard could be better material, and maybe if it attached in middle somehow as well as the two on each side, it would be much more secured/evenly distributed. My hoverboard won’t sit still because it doesn’t fit properly from front to back, so there’s about an inch extra space where the velcro straps are, so it slides around and doesn’t stay centered on the pads.The seat could be better enforced as well. It’s made of a material similar to plastic (or it could be actual plastic I’m not sure) but it easily bends without much force. Sitting on it, I’m 145lbs, I feel like its going to crack in half. I don’t even feel comfortable leaning back against it because of that, and there’s plenty of ways that metal or some other material could have been used on the outside to make the seat more secure/less flimsy feeling.My hoverboard leans forward instead of there being something on the bottom that put pressure on the footpads, so I am unable to go the full 9mph. It still goes fast, just kinda a let down.All in all, it’s a fun attachment with a lot less need for balance/safety. My 7 y/o is comfortable riding her hoverboard now, and that’s all I wanted. For the price, your getting a good deal

  4. 10

    by Allen

    Last year I bought one balancing scooter, and it has been left in the storeroom for a long time. Then I heard of you can buy a kart seat which can be attached to the balancing scooter. It is gonna be a mini kart. Then I bought this. And when I received all the parts, it was not hard to put them together. It took me less than half hour to finish the installment. I mean, for a adult this kart might be a little bit small. But for kids like my nephew who is 10 years old, that’s is a amazing kart. He loves it.

  5. 10

    by Nicolette O.Nicolette O.

    My 7 year old is in awe of this gift !!! She is reallllly good at doing tricks and such on her hoverboard but she wanted this bc she saw girls on YouTube with it. She says she absolutely loves it.Assembly was Easy as pie I wouldn’t have even needed instructions.It’s adjustable so it will grow with her . Even came with extra Velcro straps for the hoverboard .Thanks so much will always recommend to our friends.

  6. 10

    by Brooke Wilkie

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     My daughter loves the seat attachment! Very easy to assemble and ride.

  7. 10

    by sliderz71

    My son loves this Kart attachment for his hoverboard. The seat is distinctive, and its of much higher quality that the one he thought he wanted that a friend had (with a cheaper design seat and a thinner front wheel). Had a minor problem with a wheel shroud that arrived crack that didn’t impact performance but did add noise. Vendor went out of their way to ship new complete parts to make me more than whole. Very rare in this day and age. Would recommend and buy again.

  8. 10

    by ELJM

    My child was given this for Xmas. It was #1 on my 4th graders list. It was tricky to assemble…almost to the point we boxed it back up and were ready to ship it back. We were able to figure it out after hours on you tube watching how-to-assemble videos. If it wasn’t his #1 gift we would of given up. We did get it together, it works fantastic and he loves it. Get a tall flag to put on the back of the seat!

  9. 10

    by je

    I’m a adult in my early 30s I weigh 170lbs so it’s pretty sturdy. I enjoy riding this It’s perfect for my large driveway and my dogs love chasing and running next me. I had guess over once and after riding they all wanted to buy one for themselves and their kids. The strap that attached to Hoover board rubs against ground and will wear out over time but it does come with extra set. After riding my brothers $2000 electric go cart and my $1000 one wheel I think this hovering board kart wins when it comes to fun to price ratio. Just do it, it’s worth it!

  10. 10

    by Brock Berg

    The seat is a bit awkward, seems a bit wide for kids, and the shape doesn’t feel normal for an adult, so I’m not sure why that’s an issue, but meh. Our son isn’t quite old/big enough to use it on his own, so rides in dad’s lap (shows it’s pretty sturdy, also dependent on the scooter quality and scooters maximum weight). Totally easy to setup and if you whip it out when there’s a family gathering all the kids age 4-15 want their turn until the scooter battery dies (get ready for kids going home crying to their parents that they didn’t get enough rides, at least it’s not your kids!).

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Hiboy HC-01 Hoverboard Kart Seat Attachment Accessory for 6.5" 8" 10" Two Wheel Self Balancing Scooter Sports & Outdoors


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