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  1. Quick and easy disassembly; interchangeable color panels hide scuffs and scratches
  2. Height-adjustable swivel seat with fold-down backrest; armrests are padded and adjustable; comes with large plastic carry basket
  3. Delta tiller is easy to adjust; ergonomic Throttle control with easy free-wheel operation
  4. Flat-free, non-marking tires with anti-tip wheels. Floor to seat height: 17 – 19 inches, front and rear wheels: 8 x 2 inches flat-free
  5. Seat width: 16.5″; Max speed: 4.25 MPH; climbing angle: 6 degrees; maximum range: 15 miles; motor: 24V x 270W x 4700RPM; turning radius: 53.75″; ground clearance: 2.5″; Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

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Green, Red/Blue, White

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10 Reviews For This Product

  1. 10

    by Maurice Eby

    I bought this to shop with primarily. We were surprised to realize that the back part comes off easily making it simple to fold down the tiller after taking off the seat and put it in the trunk of our small Nissan. I like that because it makes it far more theft proof. It scoots up ramps at store entrances as if they were flat. The only problem, which was foretold in previous reviews, is it’s turning radius. Don’t go where you can’t back up unless you are expert at three or four part turns. It is very quiet, zooms down a mall at a very good speed or can be geared down with a simple turn for more precise heavy pedestrian traffic areas. I love it. I’d advise getting the four wheel one. The tricycle might be more maneuverable but four wheels are more stable. At the price, it is remarkable.

  2. 10

    by Amazon Customer

    My husband and I had a cruise coming up and because of his balance issues (Parkinson’s) we decided to see how much they cost and spent hours reviewing a variety of brands and models. We knew we wouldn’t use it often, so went with a lower cost scooter in hopes it would meet our needs. It did – and more. We got the 4 wheels instead of the 3 because of the more stable turning – but paid a price in the size of the turning radius. Regardless it was wonderful on the cruise ship. It is small enough to fit through the cabin door and was easy to “drive” throughout the ship, into the dining rooms, and even could stay seated by pulling up and swiveling the seat to sit comfortably at the table for playing cards, talking, or even eating. The battery held as advertised, and it was easy to disassemble and reassemble as we could do it ourselves. Moving on and off the ship’s gangways was also easy. In fact, because of the ease and the ability to strap a few small bags on the back of the seat, place a small carryon between my husband’s legs, and a few necessities (boarding and disembarking documents) in the basket up front for easy access we decided I could roll off our medium size suitcase and we used the carry off disembarkation and were one of the first off the ship and in our car and on the way home before most guests were called to disembark. We were concerned there’d be a lack of legroom using the smaller 4-wheel model. However, my husband had no issue, and our son who just had major reconstructive knee surgery is able to use it with enough space at the “fender’ over the wheel to prop his foot as his leg is in a brace that doesn’t allow mobility at all. He has found it a lifesaver alternative to the crutches when going more than a short distance or leaving the house to go into the yard or away from his home to ours, doctor, etc. The battery remained fully charged over 4 weeks while not in use, and going a great distance prior to needing a recharge. We are glad we went with this scooter.

  3. 10

    by HermanHerman

    I brought my Scooter from Amazon WhareHouse about 30% off because it was Used, and a Return item, and took the chance.My lucky Stars, a few minor snuffs, and front crack & broken Bumper in the front of the Scooter was all she roe, called Drive Support Team ( Nelson ) and explain I purchased from Amazon and he had a replacement at my door in two days, no charge, the Drive Support Team was excellent in Customer Service, and the Scooter itself rides like a charm, and has front suspension like a car, and goes up my steep driveway with no problem.I have two people to thank, Amazon, and Drive Company who made affordable Scooter thats works, and not those other crazy prices. I highly recommend this Scooter.

  4. 10

    by Sunnyanne

    This scooter has given me back something I thought was gone forever…mobility. Over the last few years, walking medium to long distances has become too difficult. My husband takes this apart in about 2 minutes and lifts in back of his pickup or the car trunk and away we go. It takes him about 2 minutes to have it together again. It has become useful in the yard as well. So happy I got the 4 wheel instead of three. It doesn’t tip and turns sharp corners. I love that it has arms, a firm back and swivel seat. We park it in the garage between our 2 vehicles where there is a plug for charging. We have booked an upcoming short cruise for a trial run. While not a negative for me at this time, it does ride rough over rough terrain and certain surfaces. I have had the scooter several months and have taken it out on a pier and to various outdoor festivals. I waited to write this review until I could write from experience.

  5. 10

    by Brian

    It is exactly what I needed, quiet, long drive times, and good speed that is variable with a knob or how far you push the lever. The turn radius was terrible upon initial setup out of the box. After a week of use, I have found a steering lock on the front just below the tiller adjustment knob. You have to pull it out and turn counterclockwise to let the wheels turn further. (Not recommended for unstable people). It is item 7 on page 14 of the owners manual. Now I love this thing. It is a bit difficult to break down and assemble after a stroke but would not be too bad with 2 hands.

  6. 10

    by MellyMelly

    This scooter has changed my life. It’s great quality. I love all of the materials. It’s easy to assemble and light when it’s in pieces. The battery lasts long. I used it in universal studios for 4 days and the battery had about 1/3rd power left by the end of long days. I charged it every night. It rained and I put a poncho over myself and it covered the scooter too. I worked great. I just avoided deep puddles and I was fine. I use it to go shopping and drive around my house when my legs hurt. I love it so much I want to buy one for my mom. She uses it too and it is SO helpful for her. She has a bad knee. It’s a quiet motor.Update: After 4 years, the motor hums and the battery doesn’t last as long. It’s still a good scooter and I painted my blue accents light pink. I will be ordering a new battery for my upcoming trip to Disney but it really isn’t necessary. I just like to be safe.People are asking if it comes with 1 or 2 batteries. It is technically 2 batteries in one shell case. For all intends and purposes, it’s “1” battery. There is no back up. I just bought an after market battery and swapped it out and kept the original shell case bc my battery life was lower than I am comfortable with.

  7. 10

    by Jane C. GroveJane C. Grove

    I bought my Scout medical scooter a few months ago and love it. I have difficulty in walking any distances now and the scooter has given me the ability to go further and see more. My husband takes it apart and puts it together when we are going out and it only takes him a few minutes for him to do this. I got to use it for a long trip for the first time this month when we went to Arts Fest At Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Art Gallery. It was wonderful to be able to see everything and not be exhausted and have to leave. I noticed that there were a number of people at Arts Fest who were driving scooters. With over 200 Vendors and the food trucks there was a lot of walking, or in my case, driving to do around the grounds. This is the best investment that I have ever purchased.

  8. 10

    by Thomas Cole

    This scooter meets all of my expectation. It was easy to assemble, charged fast, and I was driving it the same day it arrived. The price was affordable, and when I compared it to the exact same scooter through my health plan, this was the better deal. Although I exceed the weight limit recommendation, it moved my fat butt around easily. I was able to go grocery shopping easily and it moves really fast on the open sidewalk. It has taken about two days of driving before it needed a charge. Next weekend I’ll be going to Six Flags to spend the day and it should hold up fine. I going to take my charger with me just in case I need to plug it in for a quick charge, but I doubt I’ll need it. This scooter is a quality product and should meet most needs fr people who need assistance.

  9. 10

    by Never Too Old To Learn

    We love purchasing on Amazon, because the reviews let us know what will meet our needs and work for us. Here is another case in point. We have looked at locally available mobility scooters, and there are many places to purchase scooters here where we live in South Florida. However, this Drive Medical scooter is half the price of the other major brand, and Drive Medical makes high quality, well-made scooters. The Amazon reviews convinced us to go ahead and buy it. My husband wanted a scooter so he could ride down to the shopping mall, which is about half a mile from our home, and the public library is about a mile away. There are sidewalks the whole way. At the highest speed, he is content. The steering is supposed to be less tight on a 4-wheel scooter versus a 3-wheel, but we wouldn’t need more. The seat is very comfortable, and my husband is heavier. The weight limit is 300 lbs. The basket is larger than other scooters that we looked at. The leg room is ample, even though it looks small, it’s really great. We kept the red accents, but it comes with a package of blue accents if you prefer that color. We left the garage door open, and the delivery truck put the scooter into the center of the garage. Assembly was easy. The directions and Owner’s Manual are very well written and easy to understand. You can download the manual to save it electronically (click on the link “Warranty” above the description on Amazon, and you will get the latest Owner’s Manual version.) So I went to Drive Medical online and tried to register the scooter for the warranty. The problem was that there are several numbers on the stickers on the scooter, and I couldn’t tell which number was the actual serial number. Clue: the serial number is 12 digits long, it starts with a number, and the second digit is a letter. So, I called Customer Service. The people were very polite and answered right away. They said that I didn’t need to worry; that Amazon automatically registered the Drive Medical scooter for us at the time of purchase. I asked them to explain the warranty, and they did. The scooter came partially charged, so my husband was able to take a short drive right away. OK, so then we charged it overnight, and my husband took it for a ride. It’s supposed to go at least 9 miles, but it ran out of battery charge at .4 mile (I measured the distance with the car). We tried charging it for another 24 hours, and the same thing happened – it ran out of battery charge at under 1/2 mile. So I called Customer Service, explained what was happening, what the display lights looked like, etc., and they said they would take care of it. Two days later we received a new charging cord. I called Customer Service, and said, I thought we were supposed to be getting a new battery, and they said, just try it. We charged the scooter overnight with the new charger, and it works fine. I highly recommend this mobility scooter. It is easy to take apart and put in the back of our car, I can do it by myself, and I’m 65. It is silent when running. It is very comfortable. Really great. You can’t beat this price. The Customer Service is wonderful and responsive.

  10. 10

    by DragonFighter

    I purchased this scooter for an event where I knew that I would otherwise be limited to a small part of the event area. I used this scooter to get around a less than smooth surface. It went over hills and through holes. It also went over bumps and small roots. The only things that gave it trouble were large rocks, large roots, and deep sand. I was completely impressed with the performance of this scooter. It comes apart and back together easily. I have no trouble getting it into and out of my car. Even with my back trouble and terrible knee pain.

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